Monday, April 27, 2009

Day Ninety-one

I'm fairly exhausted today from work (Sundays are my long days) - I drew a bath and soaked in some very hot water that I put some mineral salts in. If nothing else, they have a strange but pleasant smell (the package says they help relieve soreness and some other things).

As I was letting my dogs out I heard the cricket chorus. Still a little weak, but it's certainly getting there. There was also a bird - I'm not sure what kind - a nightingale? It sounded like it might be mimicking other birds... Sometimes it was very pretty, sometimes, not so elegant. It helped me relax all the same - there's some stress in life now, what with it being the end of the semester and some stuff coming up at work...

But now I'm going to go collapse into bed. I hope I dream tonight...

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