Thursday, April 2, 2009

Day Sixty-seven

This song has been stuck in my head all day. So has the idea, the concept, of "love." Love isn't just a wonderful and powerful emotion that acts on a person; Love is a state of mind, something a person can do, something a person can give, something a person can be. I don't talk about it much, but for a while now I've had the goal of being a "vessel of Love" (I forget where I first saw that, but it really stuck), and have been pursuing this goal with, well, not much success so far, but enthusiasm. It requires a lot of reflection and introspection - which I'm good at! - and then, determination and action to create the necessary changes and adjustments - which I'm not as good at.

For me anyway, I can't think on this topic of Love without coming to philosophical and cosmological sorts of questions - for example, talking about Love as I am reminds me of a Platonic Form. I wouldn't say I'm a neo-Platonist... I don't know, and if nothing else, maintaining a beginner's mind has proved to open lots of pathways for investigation... The answers, I guess, are already there: all you need is love, for example. Go where your heart, or intuition takes you - since I had and continue to have such a strong reaction and urge towards the "vessel of Love" idea...

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