Saturday, April 25, 2009

Day Eighty-nine

Today's been a productive day - I've been chipping away at school projects and whatnot... It's that time of the semester again.

I think I've entered a sort of Spring Fever - not as in an irrational craziness, but a fever like a dream or fog of the mind, where the unreal and real become confused. I feel more daydreamy and introverted lately, wanting to explore new nooks in my inner life.

I'm also in more of a movie mood. Above is a clip from probably the movie I love the most - secretly, because it hurts when people laugh at the things you love, and a lot of people tend to look down on anime (or maybe I just lack courage) - it's called Spirited Away. It very Shinto, I think, in it's orientation of nature and man's interaction with it, but at the same time Miyazaki has a way of making even very culturally specific things such as Shinto relatable to everyone. This movie always puts me at ease, and I really relate and take to heart the messages and feelings of the movie. It never fails to remind me of myself as a child, and of the dreams of childhood. As a child, I would talk to plants and even a rotting, fallen tree once... I'm not sure that I would say I was an animist as a child; somehow it doesn't seem proper to go back and intellectualize my fairly simple and naive worldview. I just was as I was.

Happy Friday (or now Saturday) everyone!

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