Monday, April 13, 2009

Day Seventy-eight

I've spent today reading, both books and on my blog roll. There's my books for school on Kumari, and books for pleasure, and then the blogs... I love anything that challenges me. Perceptions of the world, of how world views are crafted, of people, events, speculations in more esoteric areas - anything critical that forces you, through the claims they make, to examine your life.

  • Therioshamanism, which is fairly "out there" wrt spiritual beliefs, is articulate, thorough, and very fascinating (given my pet interest in shamanic practices, asceticism, and esoteric spirituality in general)
  • Wronging Rights, a biting criticism of popular conceptions of humanitarian crises, the media, and the nature of aid, all while managing to be extremely funny
It's important to read before going to bed, so you can give yourself some dreaming material.

To follow up on the almond cake I made: everyone loved it! It had the consistency of pound cake, but wasn't extremely sweet either, and had a pleasing almond flavor - not too weak or too strong. I served it with whipped cream on the side, which helped to cut through and contrast the denseness of the cake.

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