Monday, April 20, 2009

Day Eighty-four

Today I was happy when a coworker brought in a gift for me. A friend of hers handles, well, estates I suppose, and one estate he was given control of belonged to an elderly woman with, apparently, a lot of clothes. So my coworker, thinking of me (how sweet!) is given by her friend the lady's clothes and scarves. She sifted through them, seperated the wheat from the chaff as it were, and brought it in for me in a new tote to boot. I'm happy about this for more than the obvious reason too - I figured I wouldn't be able to get new clothes until December, so this was fortuitous as well as generous. I especially like the scarves - some of them look like scraps of material the lady cut out, so I'll need to sew the hems on some edges, but overall, they're very nice.

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  1. is that you in the pictures? they are really good! estate sales are so exciting, you can get some great things!