Friday, April 3, 2009

Day Sixty-eight

I'm head over heels for Everyday Minerals. They have a wonderful sampler where you can get five samples (3 foundations, 1 blush/eyeshadow/whatever, 1 concealer) for only the cost of shipping ($3 or so). The pigmentation is great, and it's fairly durable (that is to say, it lasts a good while). I just got my little sampler a few days ago, but I've already picked out more stuff I want... Haha, but I'm going to try and hold back. For me anyway, I figure it's not good to just rush headlong into a big buying spree (even if it's only $3), because, well, it's sort of like gorging on desserts... At the end of it you aren't satisfied, and in fact I tend to be disappointed in myself (especially now, since I'm trying to simplify). All I really want is this particular blush anyway... (I just want to play with colors!)

In other news, I have big plans to bake an almond cake for Easter. I'm not particularly religious, or even Catholic, but despite that I gave up sugar for Lent - mostly in the form of desserts or drinks (sometimes it's hard to cut out totally, there's even sugar in some peanut butters!). I'm so excited, I really think it'll turn out awesome! I'm going to bring it in to work to share with everyone, there's no way my boyfriend and I could eat it by ourselves.

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