Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Day Fifty-one

I think one of the best simple pleasures, one that I was going without for a long time, is milk. The reason I wouldn't drink it is because I couldn't afford the good stuff. I at the very least only want to drink organic milk - I mean, I can't afford organic in other areas, but for whatever reason, it's just an intolerable thought for me to drink regular milk (for starters, it doesn't taste as good). My most favorite milk in the whoooole world is the creamline (that is, unhomogenized) whole milk from Homestead Creamery. It has the most amazing taste and texture of any milk out there, I think. Barring that, lately I've been budgeting so that I can get a gallon of organic milk.

It's funny, I feel pretty strongly about whole milk. I used to drink it constantly as a child, but when I got older I switched over to the more adult skim milk. Looking back, I'm not sure how I was kidding myself that skim drinkable! Hahaha, I jest.

I love a glass of milk in the morning, with a small bowl of yogurt! Also, with a chocolate cupcake with thick icing... Or a bowl of berries.

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