Monday, March 16, 2009

Day Fifty

One of my favorite scents, and flavors, is vanilla. I think it unfairly gets a bad rap - "that's so vanilla," like it's dull or boring. Personally, I like its pleasing, mild flavor, and versatility. It can be childish (vanilla sugar cookies, vanilla cake, vanilla ice cream) and a bit more sophisticated (vanilla mousse, vanilla creme brulee) and flat out bizarre (vanilla... milk?). Not to mention, it's a vital part of many dessert recipes generally, and chocolate!

Especially as a scent, it can make your mouth water, or be luxurious without being foodie, subtly sweet and hypnotic. I really do love vanilla, and here are some of my favorite vanilla scents:

Vanille Extreme (Comptoir Sud Pacifique)
Vanilla Extasy (Montale)
Vanille Absolu (Montale)
Amande Sucree (Sinfonia di Note)

And a few scents that are on my wishlist...

Madera (Omnia Profumo)
Note Vanillee (M. Micallef)
Amber Vanilla (Regina Harris)

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