Monday, March 30, 2009

Day Sixty-four

I was once told by someone that they "always felt decadent" when we would hang out, because of the foods I kept around, and the sensual pleasure I took from eating them. I love to share them! Whether it was bread, cheese, an interesting juice or nut butter... The best things I think are twists or refinements on familiar things; almond butter? Of course! But I never thought of that...

There was a New York Times article I was reading that I think sums up my attitude lately: with the economy so unsettled, people want to control what they can. Choosing organic, less processed or so-called natural foods is a relatively inexpensive way to do that. Not to get on a soap box, but I think the way we choose to spend our money is important - what brands, companies, and by extension, policies or ideologies you support is important. Even in small ways, which really aren't so small if they effect you and your quality of life, are they?

(I've gathered most of the ingredients to make chai tea and will hopefully be able to this week!)

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