Monday, March 2, 2009

Day Thirty-six

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It snowed last night! The town was completely unprepared, so the roads are a slushy mess today. It's fun to drive around and see people out of their houses - making snow creatures (my favorite was the giant snow lizard), walking their dogs, and in general making the best of these strange circumstances (I'll say, I've never been without power for so long).

Everything looks so wonderful outside. For a day at least, the world is entirely new, dressed in its finest, most pure white. I'm sitting in the commons, and can hear other people talking about this too - "it's like you're frozen in time" - this sort of weather brings out the child and would-be poet in everyone.

Haha, so much for my "happy Spring" last post... But I'll take a late Winter over none at all!

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