Friday, February 20, 2009

Day Twenty-six

Alright, so that first post is a bit of a cop-out (being an intro and all). Here is something that's made me happy today:

Bach's "Art of Fugue," (as played by Glenn Gould). It's spectacular, really, I don't have words; the beauty is counterpointed with the immense sense of sadness the music carries. It's breathtaking. For me, it illustrations perfectly something I've felt: that every happiness should have an element of pain, Somewhere in there, there should be melancholy, nostalgia, sorrow, maybe even regret, anguish...

I know, this is a blog of one thing a day that has made me happy. But before I go on, I figure, I should at least say plainly what happiness is to me. A happiness with no pain just doesn't have a soul.

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