Friday, February 27, 2009

Day Thirty-three

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I think generosity can be one of the greatest ways to experience happiness. Sort of that idea of losing to find - you lose yourself in others, in acts of giving and kindness, in order to find yourself (or realize yourself all along) and happiness.

Right now I'm trying to think of something to do for my boyfriend, who is somewhat depressed. I found two dollars and I'm trying to think of something small to get him, or something small to do for him, that isn't ordinary or expected - some way to penetrate his gloomy worldview with something bright, and a reminder that he's loved.

He's not the type to usually be optimistic or sentimental though, so this will be challenging! I want to move him, just a little bit.

I think I'll update this when I do figure it out, it may not be today... Still, it's fun to surprise people, to think about them and making them happy...

PS: I love it when the weather is just right, and I can leave my balcony door open without it getting too hot or too cold. I love the smell it brings to the apartment, you can't beat the feeling of fresh air!

Originally from here.

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