Monday, February 23, 2009

Day Twenty-nine

Not sure where this is from!

One thing about me is that I can't stop dreaming - I'm always focused on the future, and possibilities, hopes, plans, and a vague feeling of exploration, adventure, happening. The one thing I've always wanted in life is to travel, and as I get older and older I feel this desire slowly becoming hotter.

This desire has been fueled by reading about other people's travels. Most especially, a friend of mine has gone to study abroad in Spain, and another is studying abroad in China. Really, there's nothing I don't like about traveling; when you're in a foreign place, even the most mundane activities, like going to the grocery store, are fantastically alien. The feeling of being a stranger in a strange place, well, it seems alienating but I find it very nice. It's such a release to be able to just be quiet, or to have your solitude amongst a crowd, by virtue of sheer otherness.

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I think, in order to assuage the frustration that tends to come along with these types of dreams, I'll start saving up what I can. I might also by some of those city guide Moleskines, so that I can already start to mark places I want to go and things I want to do. It's good to write your dreams down.

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