Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Day One-hundred Ninety-one

Then a great
holiday was
throughout the
kingdom so that
all of high or low
estate might pay
homage to the
infant Princess

Homage was an act, in medieval times, of a man acknowledging himself as a vassal to his (now) lord. Usually it was a ceremony, as well as other acts done throughout the duration of the vassal-lord relationship, if my understanding is correct. Homage today is more of a tip of the hat, a show of respect, to elders or influences that helped to guide us in our life.

Homage as used above (from Sleeping Beauty) seems different than both. It's not about vassalage, or really the type of tribute as it's understood today; to me, that sort of homage isn't really homage at all then, but a celebration of the warmth, joie de vivre, springtime, and everything that a Princess or Maiden (as seen in various fairy tales, mythologies, or Disney animated films) represents, and in many ways, everything that we women today still strive for as far as personal virtues.

In my time away I've been feeling so ground down - at first I had just thought it was because work and school were just becoming more demanding, and that when that load lightened I would feel lighter as well. However, it's not like that; this sort of thing, I think, must be fed - the joy, the love for others and for life. When you do this, it doesn't wax and wane with your fickle moods, and endures even throughout the stresses and disappointments in life (and in fact, reframes them altogether).

I've been thinking, like King Stefan and Queen Leah, I would like to declare a holiday to pay homage to the infant Princess, the bubbling spring of light that I've discovered. The Princess Portal has it's Princess Day on May 5th, which unfortunately never works out for me because it's always on exam week. So, instead, I think I'll have to declare my own holiday... I'm usually doing something work or school related each day, and even on my days off I have errands to run and things to study. Sometime this Autumn, I'll simply declare it a holiday, take the time off work, and celebrate.

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