Friday, June 5, 2009

Day One-hundred Thirty-one

I woke up from my nap around seven o'clock yesterday. The sky light was just barely starting to fade, so I decided to go run an errand.

It's funny, when you're in a hurry, you notice all sorts of interesting new things, new distractions. In my case, as I went out I noticed a woman having a yard sale on a side street.

Usually you don't see people having yard sales so late, but hey who's to judge. I said hello and we made some chit chat about the weather lately. She suggested some shoes to me, and I ended up getting them since they were so cute. The woman didn't want any money though, but wanted to trade shoes since we were the same size. Kind of weird, but, these shoes were much nicer.

I waved bye and walked on. The shoes shimmered as I walked, and seemed to leave a trail of light and dust behind them. As I turned the corner to get back on the main street. As soon as I turned, I felt a sudden discomfort in my feet - something was in my left shoe. There was a key I hadn't noticed before. I got up and turned around to go back to the woman so I could return it, but the corner wasn't there.

I was still along the path, and it was similar to my usual one, lined with flowers and trees but no houses... The side street was gone, and the usual activity at this time of day was absent; instead, I was in a still forest, serene and light.

I kept going and things seemed to get more off. The plants seemed to be more "different" somehow, the path just led straight on, I couldn't find my destination. Suddenly, I came to be overlooking a fabulous view of a castle...

I was pretty worried at this point, but I also felt a little exhilarated. Who could be living there? So I hurried towards it. I made it there much more quickly than I expected; I found I could navigate the rough terrain and move faster than I normally would be able to for some reason, maybe the shoes? I made it to the town at the base of the castle, which appeared to be floating on the moat.

A older woman with elongated, thin limbs and wide, bright eyes appeared like an apparition next to me, with a companion. She was in a wooden boat, that sort of looked like a large, wide bucket or tub. She held a long stick and gestured for me to hop in. Feeling extremely nervous, I gave a little curtsy and obliged.

The woman pushed off and started navigating the channels, her friend grinning at me. I smiled back, and then couldn't help but to take in the view; the sky was fully of the beauty of the setting sun.

We went some distance out from the town and then docked. There was forest and a path that led to a gate. (I couldn't believe I still had further to go, it all looked much more compact from my view earlier). I hopped stepped out, and turned around to thank my guides. I wasn't sure what to give, so I took off my vintage charm bracelet.

They were very delighted, and handed me a small bottle full of silvery, incandescent dust. She pushed back out to water, and seemed to dissolve the further away she got. It was getting dark...

I approached the gate. There were street lamps that being lit up, but by who I don't know... There were candles in the, so it must have been by someone... Anyway, I opened the gate and walked through. When I did, everything seemed strangely lit.

I entered the castle...

And felt compelled to explore. The details of the architecture were stunning; the floors and walls were meticulously decorated. I found myself wanting to go up and up the stairs, to the top floor.

I explored every bedroom. They were beautiful and lush, extravagant but simple. No one was with me, but I felt like I was being led, being shown around.

There were many crowns on display in the last room I entered. Was this the room of the monarchs, or of children who love to play dress-up and make-believe? Even if we are from different worlds, we aren't so different than each other... These were my thoughts as my eyes grew heavy.

I didn't even feel myself fall asleep, but I found myself suddenly waking up. I was in a vacant lot in my neighborhood, full of the just slightly strange atmosphere of the place I had just been. I got up, dusted myself off, and stepped on to the sidewalk. I realized, this was the side street I had turned off from, and this lot was the woman's lot who was having the yard sale.

The lot was empty though; even the strangeness had left it. I noticed I still had my new shoes though, and my key, and the bottle of dust the boat woman had given me. It was almost completely dark by now - not sure what to do, I went to complete my errand - I really wanted to buy some cupcakes from the bakery!

On my way home, I left one at the vacant lot.

How was your day?


  1. What a beautiful story! And the pictures are lovely! This is very creative.